Designed to meet all your data analytics needs

Advana includes a wide range of data analytics capabilities and features that allows you to transform,
manage and analyze your data effectively and efficiently.

Data Engineering (DE)
Standard Edition

Standard Edition includes
Data Ingestion, Data
Transformation, Orchestration and
Administration Functionalities.

Data Engineering (DE)
Premium Edition

In addition to the capabilities
of the Standard Edition,
the Premium Edition
includes Data Catalog,
Business Rules and
Data Quality.

Data Science (DS)
Machine Learning Edition

Machine Learning provides
the users functionality to
train and score a
comprehensive collection of
machine learning algorithms.

Delivers sustainable benefits to your organization

Modernize and your legacy data analytics solutions.

Deliver business value faster and cheaper leveraging no-code paradigm.

Retain talent with domain expertise while compute technology choices evolve.

Collaborate across business functions and IT seamlessly in a common user interface.

Protect your solutions from compute technology version upgrades.

Enable solution development in a new technologies without acquiring new coding skills.

Port your solutions to new technologies effortlessly as and when they become available.

Deploy solutions across a variety of available compute technologies simultaneously.

Toggle your solutions from one compute technology to another with few clicks.

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Advana is designed to satisfy the needs of its users regardless of their level of expertise in the data analytics spectrum. Advana offers each user a comprehensive set of tools to help them excel at their activities.

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